Incorrectness Logic and Under-approximation: Foundations of Bug Catching

January 2023
Invited Tutorial Tutorial at Principles of Programming Languages (POPL)

Incorrectness Logic for Scalable Bug Detection

October 2022
Invited Talk Workshop on Dependable and Secure Software Systems (DSSS)

Extending Intel-x86 Consistency and Persistency

September 2022
Invited Talk Novel Architecture and Novel Design Automation (NANDA) Workshop

Beyond Weak Memory Consistency: The Challenges of Memory Persistency

June 2021
Invited Tutorial Programming Language Design and Implementation (PLDI)

Incorrectness Separation Logic

June 2020
Invited Talk Séminaire Vérification at IRIF

Specifying and Verifying Non-Volatile Memory

June 2019
Invited Talk Verification of Distributed Systems (VDS)

Correctness in a Weakly Consistent Setting

December 2018
Keynote Talk Asian Symposium on Programming Languages and Systems (APLAS)

Verifying Concurrent Graph Algorithms

January 2017
Invited Talk Northern Concurrency Workshop

CoLoSL: Why Not Frame All the Way?

June 2015
Invited Talk Mathematical Foundations of Programming Semantics (MFPS) 2015

CoLoSL: Concurrent Local Subjective Logic

May 2015
Invited Talk Dagstuhl Seminar 15191: Compositional Verification Methods for Next-Generation Concurrency

CoLoSL: Concurrent Local Subjective Logic

April 2015
Invited Talk Theory Seminar of the University of Birmingham

CoLoSL: Compositional Reasoning At Last!

April 2015
Invited Talk University College London

CoLoSL: Compositional Reasoning At Last!

March 2015
Invited Talk University of York

CoLoSL: Compositional Reasoning At Last!

December 2014
Invited Talk Max Planck Institute for Software Systems (MPI-SWS), Saarbrücken